What is PL?  //  An Introduction

PL was established in 1946, but originated as a religious order in Japan in 1924. Prior to the Second World War it was known as Hito-no-michi, The Way of Humankind, which was abolished by the military government of the time that feared an organisation teaching about individual freedom and world peace. Today PL has more than 600 churches in ten different countries with over 1.2 million members.

We are an informal organisation, free of religious dogma that anyone can join. People of any faith (or those with no faith) may retain their beliefs and benefit from the PL teachings.

PL teaches us that life must be enjoyable and helps us to achieve our maximum potential as human beings.

PL stands for Perfect Liberty which means “perfect freedom”. This is the freedom for each of us to fully express the unique individuality we were given by God at birth. Not one person among the approximately 6.5 billion people, who now live on this planet, has exactly the same individuality as you have. There’s a reason for this, we have each been given a unique individuality by God, with the expectation that we fully express it throughout our lifetime. Thus, we should appreciate that each of us is a very unique precious human being and live fully expressing the self we’ve been given. This is the true path to happiness.

Unfortunately, although we were all born into this world as pure and innocent, not many of us have really been able to fully express our unique selves as we wished. This is due to the negative mental habits we have developed in various ways, mainly during our formative years. These negative mental habits may be manifested through behaviours such as extreme anger, stubbornness, complaining states of mind, excessive attachments, worry, grief, and even abusing others. In PL we help people to change their negative mental habits and behaviours to positive ones, thus improving their relationships with their spouses, their children, their relatives and other people.

Thus, although you may be constantly confronted with unhappy situations, these “problems” can be turned to your advantage. The PL teachings give you an incredible new aspect of life and any stress you have can so easily be a thing of the past.

Family harmony, business success and improved health can all be achieved by following “The PL 21 Guidelines for Living a Happy Life.” These are guidelines that contain most of the subjects you will find in the multitude of positive self-help books that are available in every local bookstore. The big difference is that PL provides you with personal assistance in helping you to improve your life, no matter what your present situation is.

Additional Reading

PL has 5 books that can be purchased for the prices shown in Canadian dollars plus postage:

  1. HOW TO LIVE A HAPPY LIFE (60 pages) $7.00
    This book provides a brief outline of the philosophical basis of PL.
  2. A UNIQUE SPIRITUAL JOURNEY (32 pages) $6.00
    This book gives several of the experiences of Rev. William Trotter in practicing the PL faith and explains some of the unique aspects of PL.
  3. TOKUCHIKA MIKI: A True Spiritual Leader (82 pages) $8.00
    This is a brief biography of Reverend Tokuchika Miki who established the PL Kyodan (Church of Perfect Liberty) in 1946 and endured many hardships.
  4. THE PL 21 GUIDELINES FOR LIVING A HAPPY LIFE (282 pages) $15.00
    This is a guidebook that provides us with the way God expects us to live our daily lives. Although it is written mainly for PL members, others will also benefit from reading it.
  5. LIVE WITH BURNING ENTHUSIASM: Let’s Live with a Clear Vision (195 pages) $10.00
    This book is a collection of talks given by Reverend Tokuchika Miki, PL’s Second Founder, on the appropriate way to live an enjoyable life, following God’s way for humankind.

To obtain any of these books please e-mail us at Contact to find out the postage costs and then send a cheque or money order along with your name, address and the books you would like.

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