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Daily Motto - 2017-03-27

The Daily Motto

Welcome to the Church of Perfect Liberty website for North America. Our philosophy is to enrich people’s lives through personal empowerment through living an artistic life

The name "Perfect Liberty" (PL) refers to freeing oneself of negative mental habits to achieve true mental freedom. PL is an informal organization, free of religious dogma that people of any faith (or those with no faith) may retain their beliefs while benefitting from the PL teachings.

There is no holy scripture like a Bible or a Koran. Instead there are 21 Precepts and Guidelines.

The world operating by the mishirase concept Posted on January 27th, 2011
The world operating by the mishirase concept

I have always said that for any country in any era to make reforms in that age, it is dependent to a large degree on the energy of the youth. This is especially true when carrying out revolutions or during significant historical times: the old people tend to be passive, but it's the young people that have the power of bold determination. This is clearly proven throughout history.

Young people, however, have less of the wisdom and discretion of the elderly who have cultivated it since their youth with many years of accumulating experience and wisdom. So to have worthwhile progress in the world, young people should listen to and apply this wisdom when it's necessary.


Live with burning enthusiasm Posted on January 26th, 2011
Live with burning enthusiasm

Linking our emotions with our health:

Modern medicine is constantly advancing, but people are far from being free of sicknesses. On the contrary, the reality is that there are now more types of sickness, and people are generally sick more often than previously.

Why is it that this is happening? If you think about it this is indeed a strange circumstance where the number of sicknesses is increasing more rapidly than medical discoveries. Speaking from my many years of experience with my involvement in religion, I have been asserting that modern medicine has a large blind spot.