PL Holy Land  //  Japan

Global Church Headquarters

The PL Holy Land is also the site of PL’s world Headquarters and is located in a hilly area in the city of Tondabayashi, within the north-east corner of the Greater Osaka Metropolitan Area. This vast area has been known for 2,000 years as a very special historic site called the Habikino Hills.

The PL land itself has Oshieoya’s special prayer to God for it to be used as PL’s “Holy Land.”

The First Founder said, “The permanent headquarters has to be more than three million tsubo in area (over 2,450 acres) and has to have both mountains and water.” The Habikino Hills fulfilled these prerequisites. Upon an invitation by the people of Tondabayashi, the Second Founder decided to move the headquarters and build it there. Through the Misasage (making voluntary effort for the sake of others) of the members, which began in 1953, the land was cleared, the hills were shaved off and the valleys filled.

Within the Holy Land, there is the Main Temple where the Headquarters’ Omitama is enshrined. Also, there is the Rensei Dojo and Guest Cottages (log home style) to accommodate members who visit and attend renseis, the new Assembly Hall, the First Founder’s Mausoleum, the PL Gakuen Schools, the PL Hospital, Geisei Publishing, the Administrative Services Building and many others.

Main Temple

Main Temple

This pure white structure is called the Main Temple of PL Holy Land. It was built in 1959 and is spiritual heart of the PL Holy Land. Therefore, we face this hallowed structure with respect. The altar of this temple has been consecrated for all who pray there, making it a rapid gateway to God (Mioya-ookami).

Top Himorogi

The Himorogi (a sacred tree) is presently kept safely at the First Founder’s Mausoleum.

Himorogi (Mausoleum)

Before Tokumitsu Kanada’s untimely death, Tokuharu Miki received a will from him saying:

“Please plant a sakaki tree (cleyera japonica) at the place where I die and protect it as a Himorogi (sacred tree). By doing this, you will meet a person with Makoto (heart and sincerity) who will complete my teachings.”

After Tokumitsu Kanada died, Tokuharu Miki followed his will and planted a sakaki tree as a Himorogi in the place that Tokumitsu Kanada ended his life. After protecting this Himorogi for five years, visiting the site each day to pray and look after it, Tokuharu Miki himself received three more sacred precepts that God revealed to him that completed the teachings. He finally reached enlightenment in 1924, and established a new religious organisation under a Shinto sect, which was a requirement at that time. Then, in 1931, he renamed it Hito-no-michi (The Way of Humankind) and established it as an independent religion, which he was then able to do.

Top Peace Tower (Dai-Heiwa-To)

The PL Peace Tower is 180 metres (590 feet) in height, and was built in 1970 utilising the most sophisticated contemporary technology. It can be seen as far away as Kobe City. The unique shape was originally designed in clay by PL’s late Second Founder. Its unique pointing finger-like shape symbolises the Second Founder’s revelation that “the truth is one” an understanding that’s basic to realising the desire for eternal world peace.

PL Peace Tower (Dai-Heiwa-To)

The PL Peace Tower has become an inter-religious, sculptured monument dedicated to all the departed souls of those who have died as a result of all human conflicts. It’s a place where people can reflect on the ravages of war and pray for world peace. For this reason, the PL Peace Tower was erected and dedicated to symbolise PL’s heartfelt desire for “the eternal peace and true happiness of humankind.”

Enshrined within the main altar in the Peace Tower, is an unlimited list of names of those who have died as a result of human wars. These names have been collected from around the world, regardless of race, nationality, religion, or political beliefs and they have been recorded on microfilm and placed in a sacred golden container.

Prayers for World Peace

Each year, on August 1st, the annual Peace Tower Ceremony is held to remember and console the spirits of all whose lives have been cut short by war, and to pray for the rapid realisation of true world peace. During the first three days of each New Year, the Peace Tower is also open to any members who come to pray and receive the New Year's blessings.

Praying for those who died in wars

The family of anyone who died in any war, regardless of their religion, can apply for an enshrinement of the deceased person's name at the altar of the PL Tower for World Peace. For this reason, if there is anyone among your friends, relatives or acquaintances who lost a family member during any war, let them know that they can apply to have that person's name added to the Sacred File at the altar in the Peace Tower.

Top Founders’ Day: The PL Art of Fireworks

The First Founder left a will stating:

“After my death, these teachings will spread around the world. Therefore, my death is a happy event for world peace. Never grieve over my death! Please celebrate it by setting off fireworks.”

Therefore, the Second Founder created the “PL Art of Fireworks” to honour the First Founder’s will and his virtue. In July of 1953, upon the 15th anniversary of the First Founder’s death, the first fireworks display was held in the city of Matsuyama.

On July 6, 1954, the first Founders’ Day was held at the PL Holy Land. It was a great ceremony celebrating the 16th anniversary of the First Founder’s death. Every year since then, Founders’ Day has been celebrated with the “PL Art of Fireworks” at the PL Holy Land in Japan.

Special note: This has now become one of the world’s largest yearly displays of fireworks, with over 120,000 pieces lit and launched (a typical fireworks festival will launch between 5,000 to 10,000 pieces). The highlights of this display include a fireworks of “Niagara Falls” which measures 50 meters high and one kilometre long. Some of the most advanced methods of pyrotechnics are employed providing spectators with never before seen effects and displays. As part of the grand finale, more than 7,000 pieces of fireworks are launched at once, transforming the night sky into a scene like daytime. This is a must see event for all PL members.

PL Fireworks; the art of fireworks

Top Medical Science

PL has been studying the relationship between the mind and body, especially the mental causes of sicknesses, since the time of the Hito-no-michi Church. As a result of this, we have the PL General Hospital at the Holy Land and the PL Health Check-up Centres that provide the most comprehensive three-hour health check-ups, located in Tokyo, Osaka and São Paulo (Brazil). Also, the PL general research being conducted by the computer section, has been working on the PL understanding that “science and religion must accord,” in their analyses and research of PL medical data.

PL Hospital