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The world operating by the mishirase concept
The world operating by the mishirase concept

I have always said that for any country in any era to make reforms in that age, it is dependent to a large degree on the energy of the youth. This is especially true when carrying out revolutions or during significant historical times: the old people tend to be passive, but it's the young people that have the power of bold determination. This is clearly proven throughout history.

Young people, however, have less of the wisdom and discretion of the elderly who have cultivated it since their youth with many years of accumulating experience and wisdom. So to have worthwhile progress in the world, young people should listen to and apply this wisdom when it's necessary.

The human world is always developing and progressing. For example, it is no exaggeration that medical progress in Japan is among the top in the world. But this is only in the physiological research areas, while mental research is almost neglected. Doctors don’t know that the reason for sicknesses is Mishirases. They say you get sick because of germs, but why do certain people get those germs? They can only say it's because of their constitution or their lack of luck. Other than this, modern medicine cannot give you an answer. In PL we are clearly shown by Mioshies that there is a mental cause in getting sick. These matters are being researched scientifically by PL doctors. In the future I would like to have a large, comprehensive science research centre and clarify logically and scientifically the relationship between the mind and the body, the relationship between the mind and sickness, and also the relationship between the human mind and human fortune.

I’ve just discussed the present situation in the medical area alone. As well as medicine, the problems are the same in politics, education and in society. People may face misfortune or disaster, but if they don’t know about Mishirases all they can say is, ‘It's our fate.’ Then they have to give up even though they don't really want to, but they have no other choice. In this way, Mishirases have been completely ignored in human life. It's a great mistake and we have a mission to awaken the human race to this situation. In this sense, we PL members are beginning a great spiritual revolution for people the world over. It is truly on your shoulders to carry on with this task. As Oshieoya I would 1ike to say clearly that the PL youths have a significant role to play.

Then how do you think you can be a person who can achieve the most significant job as a human being? Well, with the job you now have, do the best you can in that particular area, and to achieve this you have to devote yourself completely to what you are presently doing. As kamwaza, God has placed people so that they always progress and develop following the principle that ALL THINGS PROGRESS AND DEVELOP. Therefore, as human beings the suitable way is to live by always doing one's best to advance. Conversely, losing one's will, stagnating and getting into a rut are all the wrong ways to live.

If each of you is always alert and gives your utmost to your present work, then God will give you unlimited help to progress and develop. In this way you can always live brilliantly, demonstrating your ability. There is no joy if you don't put your heart into what you do. That is to say, your self will not exist in what you do. This may sound very difficult but it's not. If you seriously and earnestly devote yourself to doing something, then you can always brilliantly demonstrate yourself, and your eyes will always be bright and shining.

By the way, please use this knowledge to evaluate your friends and yourself.  Please observe how much they are associating truthfully with you. You can immediately evaluate what kind of people they are. There are many types of people, such as serious and sincere ones. Some always live truthfully, while others are unreliable. Also, some live a false life, and some live somewhere in between. Looking at these people, which ones would you trust? I'm sure you rely on friends who speak truthfully without any lies, whether you are asking for advice or enjoying their company. When asked, if people unanimously respond, ‘He can certainly do it,’ or ‘That person can do a thorough job,’ then these kinds of people are certainly living truthfully. Those are the people who put their Makoto (true sincere self) into what they do.

I'm expecting that each of you can be trusted by those around you in your individual field of work, and also that you can do the best work within your area. Nothing else but this is the nucleus of our great spiritual revolution.