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Live with burning enthusiasm
Live with burning enthusiasm


[Explanatory Note: Mishirases appear in this world as mental and physical suffering such as sicknesses, misfortunes and disasters, and are produced by incorrect individual self-expressions. These sufferings are not just sufferings alone, but they have real meanings as the red traffic signals to mark the pathway to happiness. We call this phenomenon accompanied by these physical and mental sufferings (sicknesses, misfortune, disasters, etc.) ‘Mishirases’. The teaching of how to correct the cause of a Mishirase is a ‘Mioshie’. In other words, Mioshies correct the wrong individual thinking habits that produce incorrect self-expressions, visual perceptions and thinking tendencies.]

Modern medicine is constantly advancing, but people are far from being free of sicknesses. On the contrary, the reality is that there are now more types of sickness, and people are generally sick more often than previously.

Why is it that this is happening? If you think about it this is indeed a strange circumstance where the number of sicknesses is increasing more rapidly than medical discoveries. Speaking from my many years of experience with my involvement in religion, I have been asserting that modern medicine has a large blind spot.

There has not been enough recognition given to the emotional side of our lives, which plays a huge role in our health. Consequently, modern medicine has failed to address this important aspect of our lives. The relationship between sickness and the emotional side of our lives has been proven through many years of experience in both Hito-no-michi (PL's predecessor), and Jindo-tokumitsu-kyo(the predecessor of Hito-no-michi's teachings).

The First Founder, Tokuharu Miki, left us with the message that, 'religion and science have to accord,' and he also suggested that the relationship between our emotional life and sickness must not remain just as religious truths, but in the future will be proven scientifically. By believing the First Founder's message, PL established a medical research centre, and also PL health check-up centres in both Tokyo and Osaka, where they have been doing serious research that proves the First Founder's belief. It won't be too long now before we are able to clarify completely why we get cancer, tuberculosis or other diseases.

The ability of our delicate emotional mechanisms to affect our health is now common knowledge among PL members, because PL clearly teaches the members through their Mioshies. However, the general public hardly recognizes this relationship. As we know, we human beings are emotional animals with many different kinds of emotions. We are especially affected by the four emotions of anger, haste, worry and grief. PL has proven that these emotions not only have negative affects on our physical health, but also have detrimental effects on our individual daily lives. This is indeed a  serious problem, and it is almost like building a castle on sand if we talk about happiness without really thinking about this relationship.

For example, anger ranges from the mental state of complaining, having dislikes and being dissatisfied, to a wild rage. To explain, think about a person who enters a subway on a rainy day and sits beside a stranger. The stranger's wet umbrella touches the person's clothes and instantly that person gets angry and complains. This reaction will vary depending on the person, from just having a complaint in their mind to an outright verbal attack such as, 'Watch what you're doing!' or 'You careless fool!' Then they'll spend the rest of the day in an unpleasant mood.

Also, based on the statistics of Mioshies, haste and worry have a very deep relationship to longevity. Generally, people who are overly concerned, unnecessarily worry about things or are constantly constantly anxious, do not live long lives.

Incidentally, the connection between our emotions and what happens in daily life is not only a personal problem, but it widens to reflect on the relationship of a couple or the relationship between parents and their children. Speaking about a husband and a wife, their characters may differ by their upbringing; therefore, their emotional undulations will differ. This often causes emotional entanglements between a husband and wife. A child born into these circumstances will face great difficulties.

I receive many Mioshie requests every day, and most of them are for children's Mishirases. In the end, the father is wrong or the mother is wrong and the poor child has insult added to injury. If the parents' emotional life is normal the children will grow healthy and sound, but if people don't know about God and about Mishirases, they can get into a rather vicious circle saying things like: ‘What's wrong with getting mad,’ ‘Because I'm feeling anger, that's why I'm getting mad,’ ‘What's wrong with worrying? I'm worrying because have something to worry about.’ These people end up taking a completely wrong path in their thinking, such as having to save money because they don't know when they might get sick or when misfortune might strike.

After having been given the opportunity to conduct hundreds of thousands of spiritual consultations, I know that the most fearful emotion is anger, based on 'a complaining state of mind'. It's no exaggeration to say that almost every cause of a Mishirase stems from a complaining state of mind. Therefore, you can probably understand the importance of even the slightest activity in your mind and your emotional changes during your daily life.

To save the human race from its suffering, I think we have to teach people thoroughly on how to live well-balanced emotional lives from very early childhood so that they can control their emotional lives. That is to say, we have to teach them to manage their emotions well such as anger, haste, worry and grief. The reason for this is because one's pattern of emotional life becomes almost fixed in early childhood. For those people who can embody from childhood a lifelong attitude of ‘making art', without having complain even when they encounter difficulties or face irritating situation, it’s a most fortunate thing.

At present in the PL schools at Headquarters we are practicing education based on this idea. The PL kindergarten especially is very popular. I think it must be the gradual recognition of the need for this type of education, Of course, if parents have placed a child in the PL kindergarten, they can't be complacent, but have to receive suitable training about `children are mirrors of their parents'. For the child to develop properly, the parents must know how to live with a correct state of mind.

As I mentioned above, I would like to show clearly the relationship between emotional life and health, and then to make concrete use of this knowledge in actual life. Moreover, to apply this scientifically I've thought about building 'health centres' and 'educational systems' throughout the country. Also, I would like to do life counseling for people using the method “LIVE MAINTAINING EQUILIBRIUM BETWEEN MIND AND MATTER.” By doing this people can truly practice living an 'artistic life'.

The meaning of science in the First Founder's statement 'religion and science must accord', had more of a focus on modern medicine. Therefore, in PL I would especially like to assist the growth of medicine.