Ceremonies  //  Activities of the PL Faith

The Four Major Annual Ceremonies
  1. New Year’s Day - January 1st
    This ceremony marks the start of each new year. It’s the time we dedicate ourselves to begin anew living an artistic life as Oshieoya teaches us and to pray to have a prosperous year ahead.
  2. Founder’s Day - August 1st
    Through the ceremony on this day, we honour the spirits of the First and Second Founders who dedicated their lives for world peace, and who left us the divine position of Oshieoya. We also pray for the rapid realisation of world peace and at the same time, give our gratitude for having Oshieoya to assist us in understanding God’s way for human beings.
  3. The Anniversary of PL - September 29th
    In this ceremony we appreciate the establishment of the Perfect Liberty religious organisation by the Second Founder, in 1946, following the military government’s suppression of its predecessor Hito-no-michi. On this occasion, we are also grateful to the Second Founder and Oshieoya for the subsequent progress and growth of PL that has occurred since that time, and we renew our determination to share PL’s blessings with many people.
  4. Oshieoya-sama’s Birthday - December 2nd
    Through this ceremony we joyfully celebrate Oshieoya-sama’s birthday by expressing our sincere appreciation to him, and we re-dedicate ourselves to live the PL way.

  • The Oyashikiri Anniversary Ceremony
    We also have the anniversary for the Rite of Oyashikiri on May 29th. It was on this date in 1958, after having prayed for many years that the Second Founder received the word “Oyashikiri” from God. His prayer had been to receive a unique special word that could quickly reach God and have the power to help people, and that word was “Oyashikiri."

Top Monthly Ceremonies
  1. The Day of Peace - on the 1st of each month
    Through this ceremony we pray for world peace and dedicate ourselves anew to live for peace within our environments of home, school, work and community.
  2. Ancestors’ Day - on the 11th of each month
    Through this ceremony, we appreciate that we are here because of our ancestors (predecessors). We also pray to deepen our PL faith and live an artistic life by the virtue of our ancestors.
  3. Thanksgiving Day - the 21st of each month

    The Thanksgiving Ceremony is held at every PL church on the 21st of each month at 7:00 p.m.

    "Oshieoya’s Purification Prayer” during the Thanksgiving Service is when he gives his gratitude to God that he could take the responsibility as Oshieoya for the past month, and then vows to God that he is going to take this responsibility for the coming month. For this reason, the Thanksgiving Service is a very important ceremony for members of the PL faith.

    In the Thanksgiving Ceremony, we humbly express our appreciation to God and to Oshieoya for all the blessings we have received over the past month and sincerely ask to be guided and protected by the virtue of Oyashikiri in the coming month.

    At the church altar on Thanksgiving Day, each PL member gratefully offers his or her Hosho envelop and receives a new one for the next month.

We welcome all to participate, please confirm with the calendar of events for dates and times schedule for this month.

Top Sunday Service
  • Every Sunday

    Each week through the Sunday Service we have a special opportunity to receive God’s blessing and to deepen our faith in PL. Although we may think, “I know the PL teachings,” the weekly contact with God through the prayers and the PL teachings gives us renewed energy to start the next week. Just as we must eat and sleep regularly to refresh our bodies, we must regularly renew our contact with God, to strengthen our faith and spiritual energy.

    Our PL faith grows not just through an intellectual understanding, but by actively participating in PL activities. We can participate in the PL services by listening to the testimonies of other members’ experiences to learn about the benefits of practicing the PL teachings, by giving testimonies of our own blessings and by hearing the minister’s teaching. In addition, by attending the Sunday Services, we are more easily able to embody the PL teachings in order to practice them in our everyday lives throughout the rest of the week.

    Oshieoya blesses us through attending the Sunday Service so that we are able to start the new week with fresh, pure minds.
Top Individual Ceremonies
  • In PL there are also many other kinds of ceremonies which are performed at the request of individual PL members at the chapel, in their homes or in their places of business. These include ceremonies for the Omitama enshrinement or its relocation, birthdays, births, business prosperity, weddings, funerals, memorial services, etc.